Children’s Dresser Labels

Children’s Dresser Labels

A beautiful storage solution for organising your child’s closet and drawers. This Scandi-style set of 15 wooden labels features simple images and text to clearly identify the type of clothing contained in each basket or drawer.

Empower your mini me to find and help put away their own outfits with these easy-to-see labels ready to attach to your child’s closet baskets, shelves, or drawers.

The set features picture labels for all the usual items you’d expect to find in a child’s wardrobe or bedroom drawers, plus labels for uniform (suitable for school or club), play clothes (for day care or messy play outfits), and hats.

Labels included in this set are:

  1. tops
  2. long sleeve tops
  3. pants
  4. shorts
  5. jumpers
  6. singlets
  7. underwear
  8. socks
  9. PJs
  10. skirts
  11. dresses
  12. hats
  13. swim suits
  14. play clothes
  15. uniform

Choose from black or white ribbon cord or order without ribbon hole, depending on your kids clothing storage set up. Whether you use drawers, baskets or shelves to store your little people’s outfits, these labels will suit.



Each label measures 6cm across and is 3mm thick. Lasercut from plantation grown and sustainably sourced FSC-certified plywood.

Designed and made in Tasmania, Australia.


Ordering options

FULL SET: Get one of each label with the full set.

PERSONALISED SET:  Order the specific number of whichever labels you need using the custom-sized set option. Eg. Don’t need  a label for ‘dresses’ but want an extra one for ‘tops’? Choose the custom-sized set option and type the number of each category you need in the personalisation field (eg. 2x tops, 1x long sleeve tops, etc). 

UPGRADE FROM OUR NURSERY SET: Already own our Nursery Labels Set? Is your little love growing out of their baby clothes and into their big kid room? Use the custom-sized set option to order just the labels you need for your growing toddler, without doubling up on the categories you already have. More details below.

Upgrade from The Nursery Set

The Children’s Dresser Labels set includes some of the same categories that are also available in The Nursery Set (eg. pants, tops, & singlets). However it also includes nine new labels not previously available, such as ‘underwear’, ‘PJs’, and ‘hats’.

See the picture below/left for the new categories now available in the Dresser Labels set.

As your infant grows out of their onesies and into their big kid clothes, there’s no need to double-up on the labels you already have.

You can order just these new categories and keep using the ones you still need from the nursery set. 

New categories available in the Dresser Labels set are:

  • underwear
  • shorts
  • PJs
  • hats
  • play clothes
  • uniform
  • long sleeve tops
  • dresses
  • skirts

(Dresses and skirts were previously combined but are now available each as separate labels).

    Ready to order?

    These gorgeous wooden dresser labels are the perfect way to organise children’s clothing storage. Order a set for each child’s room.

    Relieve the mental load and enable all care-givers to easily find the kids socks and jumpers. Help children learn to find and put away their own clothes and accessories.

    A great gift idea for that organised friend or family member, for loved ones setting up a little person’s bedroom or moving into a new home. Or for your own home.

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