As you can probably imagine, there was a lot involved behind the scenes to get to the point of launching the new toy storage labels recently.

Product development has been a steep learning curve! While some aspects of the process have been a bit daunting, I’ve quite enjoyed the personal and professional development of other parts. It’s always good to gain a new skill!

During the process of research and development, testing out materials and seeking feedback, a number of the toy basket tag sets were made in a different type of wood than I ended up deciding to use for the final product.

That means there are some limited edition sets available in a thicker maple MDF veneer wood.

The etching on this wood is more subtle and they have a lovely woodgrain finish, as you can see in the photo below.

Each label is 4mm thick and more solid than the 3mm ply sets which were recently launched.

I personally preferred the lighter etching on maple but the overwhelming feedback was that most people prefer the greater contrast of the darker etching on the plywood, so that’s what made it into the final product. Thank you for your valuable input!

It seems a waste to just discard the discontinued sets though, especially as they are such good quality, so I’m making them available and offering Little Button Blue newsletter subscriber first dibs at the VIP price of $45 per set.

They’d make a great gift for anyone with a new baby; friends or family members who are setting up a new house, playroom or child’s bedroom; or anyone who’s keen to declutter and get organised.

There are only a few of these limited edition sets of 12 available.



The bonus is that a couple of these sets offer the option of stick-on or clip-on fastening instead of the tie-on ribbon cord – perfect for toy storage containers that don’t have handles, as shown in the customer photo above.

The clip-on sets have a silver coloured stainless steel clip on the back that slides on to the top of a box or fabric basket. (I’ll be making clip-on and stick-on sets available in the regular 3mm ply sets that are currently for sale, at some stage in the future, but for now these limited edition sets are the only ones available with that option).


Although no full sets of 20 are available in this limited edition release, there are five labels from the full set available to add onto the ribbon set as extras.


There are also multiples of other categories from the basic set in both ribbon & stick-on/clip-on options available, so if you’re interested in doubling up on any of the categories let me know using the comments section in the form below.

Numbers are strictly limited, so get in quick!

To snap up any of these limited edition sets, you can order using the form below.