Custom sized toy storage label sets

You asked for it, and now you can have it!

One of the pieces of feedback I’ve received since launching my toy storage labels is that some people want to be able to order more of a particular category or perhaps don’t need one of the types included in the set.

I would have loved to be able to offer this option from the beginning, but until I had my own lasercutter it just wasn’t viable to customize each set. But now you can!

Have multiple doll baskets but don’t need the train set label? No marble run at your place but have loads of art & craft supplies?

Now you can customize your toy storage label set by choosing which labels you need and how many of each you want!


Board Games label now available

I’m also pleased to add a new toybox category available: Board Games.

The pre-chosen sets both include a ‘puzzles & games’ label, but now a separate category for board games is available with a custom sized set.

If you already have a full set but would like to add a board games label, you can order the single board games label through this new listing.


Curate your own set of toy storage labels

To create your custom sized set of labels, choose from 21 beautifully illustrated designs – the 20 that are included in the full set plus the new board games label.

See all the categories (minus the new board games label, pictured above) and their designs here.

These designs cover a comprehensive range of toys and activities, including an ‘other’ label for items that don’t easily fit into one of the other categories.

Create your set by choosing the categories you need, any how many of each design.

To make it possible, I’ve created a new etsy listing. The methods available on etsy for personalising an order in this way aren’t the most ideal, but it is possible. Here’s how:

Click here to go to the etsy listing. Once there:


In the ‘Personalisation’ box, type which of the 21 categories you want in your set, and how many of each.

For example, 1x art&craft, 2x bricks, 1x dolls, 3x dress ups. etc.

Please choose from the 21 categories already designed, and customise your set with the number of each type of label you want. New designs for different categories or illustrations can’t be ordered through this listing. If you’d like to order new illustrations specifically designed for you, send me a message to discuss.

2. Quantity

In the ‘Quantity’ section, choose the total number of labels you want in your set.

This number must match the total number of labels ordered in the personalisation section.

In the example given above, with 3 dress-ups labels, 2 bricks, and 1 each of dolls and art&craft, the total number of labels is 7, so the quantity is 7.

The price is set per label so you only pay for the labels you order and none that you don’t want or need.

3. Choose your ribbon

As with the pre-curated sets, your toy storage labels can be made with a ribbon hole if you want to tie them onto baskets or boxes, or with no ribbon hole if you want to stick them onto plastic tubs.

There’s a drop down list called ‘ribbon cord options’ where you can choose whether you want black ribbon cord, white ribbon cord, or no ribbon hole.


Ready to order?

Order your custom sized set here.