One bright thing to come out of the past difficult year, is all the beautiful rainbows that appeared around the world as a symbol of hope.

As the pandemic took hold across the globe and we were all confined to our homes, did you notice rainbows began popping up in windows, on footpaths, and social media feeds? Handmade rainbows in various materials became very popular, and at last count more than 17,000 posts on Instagram have featured the hashtag #rainbowofhope.

My boss at my last job always said “the best is yet to come” and I think that’s part of the message behind our favourite multi-coloured symbol – that rainy days might be here right now, but better days are on the way.

I haven’t jumped on the rainbow craft bandwagon until now as there already seemed to be a lot of crochet artists already making them. But recently, inspiration hit suddenly and I just had to make these rainbow wall hangings. They’re a bit different from my usual products. Using yarn but not crochet, lasercut wood but not a home organization product. A product that combines both wood and wool. (And cotton and other yarns).

And I do think they’ll look great in children’s rooms, along with my wooden labels!


clouds & rainbows

I’ve been a fan of the cloud motif for a long time. Our daughter’s room still has cloud decals on the walls from when we decorated the nursery before she was born. I also made a cute mobile featuring soft felt stars in different colours hanging from a white felt cloud. That has since made way for more grown-up kid’s decor. But my love for clouds remains.

I’ve been wanting to make some kind of cloud and rainbow creation but didn’t find the inspiration until now. Rarely do I have a full picture in my mind of the finished item I want to make. But this time I did. The image came to me, clear and colourful. I kept thinking about this simple design, itching to get the chance to create them. At last my day off arrived and I could get the idea out of my head and into my hands.

So here it is. Or here they are I should say, as there are a few options to choose from.


colour options & customisation

The original idea was a simple cloud shape, plain wood, with a soft rainbow hanging from it.

Then I got thinking about the rainbow of hope movement and got inspired to etch the word ‘hope’ onto the cloud as another option.

As I imagined these rainbow clouds hanging in customer’s homes I pictured them in nurseries and little people’s bedrooms and playrooms, and decided to offer custom names as well. Don’t you think they’d be a cute decoration in a nursery or kid’s room?

So that’s how my newest product came to have a custom etching option and 5 colour themes to choose from (or “colourways” as the modern makers on the socials like to say 😉).

The first colour option is a scheme of traditional rainbow brights. (Although not strictly traditional if you’re fastidious about ROYGBIV I guess). 

I’m also offering a pastel rainbow in gorgeous 100% Australian wool…

A purple / pink colour scheme …

I always love blues so of course there has to be a blue option, paired here with a bit of grey…

And neutrals in soft cotton.


I was planning to make the clouds bigger, but decided to test out a smaller size first and really like how the little ones turned out.

These wooden clouds are 16cm wide and 10cm tall, with the soft rainbow falling to around 25cm below the cloud. I can look at offering a larger size if there’s demand for it. (Let me know in the comments).

They come with a small picture-framing triangle hook on the back for easy hanging on your wall.

Each one will be made to order so you can choose your colours and whether you’d like a custom name or word etched.


ready to order?

These new rainbow cloud wall hangings are now available in my shop!

To order your custom rainbow cloud wall hanging now, click here.

Choose your colours from the drop-down list, and to customise your cloud with a special word, simply type the text you want etched into the box where it says ‘Add your personalisation’.

Choose your rainbow cloud wall art

What do you think of these little rainbow clouds? My favourite is the blue/grey although I’m also partial to the pastel rainbow. Which option is your favourite?

Are there any other colour schemes you’d like to see? Would you prefer a bigger size option?

I’m keen to read your feedback in the comments below. Thanks!