ResourcesWe are regularly asked for recommendations on different tools, resources and services.  As a result, I’ve put together a list of recommended resources that I’ve personally used.  I will add to these lists as I come across new resources that I recommend.

Web Hosting

Amazon Web Services – Amazon Web Services is an amazing resource for developers and system administrators. AWS provides advanced web and application hosting.

Radid SSL Online – I have purchased more than 20 SSL secure certificates from this Rapid SSL online and haven’t yet found a more cost effective SSL certificate provider. SSL certificates are a requirement for any online financial transactions made on a website.

Digital Marketing

Coshedule – Need an editorial calendar for your site? This awesome tool manages scheduling of your social media, WordPress posts and a nifty post title optimisation tool.

Active Campaign – Is a next level email marketing platform with optional CRM, it helps me automate in ways that are not possible on Mailchimp. I can’t speak highly enough about it!

Mailchimp – Is my second favourite mail tool providing simple email marketing and tracking, email automation, segmentation and tracking of your readers as they view your website.

Google Analytics – If you haven’t yet got Google Analytics connected to your site it is a must have for digital marketing. This gives you a wealth of information about your site traffic.

Adroll – Have you ever wondered why you visit a travel website and then you are followed around by display banner ads? This is one of the tools that makes it possible, it’s called retargeting.

Google Adwords – In addition to search result ads Google Adwords also provide retargeting.


Project Management

Asana – Since Asana moved to provide Kanban board  style task workflow desgin in addition to their simple task lists i have switched from Basecamp to Asana.  The other huge benifit for my businesses is that Asana allow 1 task to exist in multiple projects.

Basecamp 2 – This is still my current favourite project management tool, I currently have 38 active projects in my copy of basecamp through which I collaborate with clients, contractors and staff. I particularly like the extremely simple layout, and ability to create project templates.

Teamgantt – Sadly one of the features missing of basecamp is a gantt chart.  This great application provides a resources and gantt charting tool that integrates into Basecamp 2.


Time Tracking

Harvest – This is my favourite time tracking tool. I love its simplicity.  The application provides a Google Chrome plugin, smartphone app, and integration in to Xero accounting.


Graphic & Web Design

Adobe Creative Cloud – For a monthly subscription you can get a comprehensive suite which includes web, design, audio, and video tools.

Theme Forest – Need a new website? Theme forest is the main place I go for new WordPress themes, html sites, and email templates.

Graphic River – This site is great for print documents like A4 flyers which are available in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or Indesign files.



Istock Photo – This is my favourite stock photo site but it’s pretty expensive so I always look at Adobe Stock first.

Adobe Stock – Adobe Stock have a monthly deal which provides 10 images each month and then a low price for each additional image. These are better than many of the other cheaper stock photo sites.


NOTE: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links and will earn me a small commission if you sign up to the services. This adds no cost to you but helps keep this site sustainable. It’s also worth noting that all resources mentioned on this page are resources that I’m a signed up, paid up and regular user of.