Hello! Thanks for visiting Little Button Blue. I’m Renee. I live with my little family on the beautiful island of Tasmania, Australia, where I’m surrounded by incredible natural beauty and a community of creative and inspiring people.

After the busyness of working in media and as a charity project manager I enjoyed a slower lifestyle for a number of years as a stay at home mama (as hectic as that can be at times too!). As my baby girl started to grow into a more independent little person I relished rediscovering my creative side and getting to make things.

It began with crochet

I especially loved learning to crochet. I’d watched others create beanies and dolls in awe and had wanted to learn for a while so I began to teach myself, with the aid of YouTube and Pinterest.

I remember finding a cute pattern for an amigurumi nativity set and saving it, thinking “I’ll never be able to make this, but maybe one day….” but after a bunch of online tutorials (and lots of unravelling!) I graduated from making simple crochet headbands to creating cute bunnies and dolls.

After encouragement from friends, Little Button Blue was born.


Then came wooden labels

After a while of selling handmade dolls and decorations via Etsy I introduced a new line of products: wooden labels. 

Becoming a parent had required a whole new level of organisation. So I created labels to keep all of my little person’s belongings in order.

I’ve also been inspired by conversations with friends about the beautiful chaos that life with little people entails, and seeing how other families handle busy schedules. These challenges have inspired new product ideas. 

You can read more about that here. See the wooden labels for toy storage and nursery organisation here.


Sharing the joy

I hope these Little Button Blue creations bring you as much joy as they’ve given me to create them!

I’m excited about bringing new ideas to life and making items that will be helpful and beautiful! I can’t wait to share them with you!

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Thanks for stopping by. I hope to connect with you more in the comments and on the platforms linked to above. Tell me a bit about yourself – Where are you from? What’s your passion? How did you come across Little Button Blue? Introduce yourself in the comments below!

Renee xx



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