My newest product is designed to help sort and store one of the most common types of toys that’s found in almost every home (and often makes piles of mess!).

I’m excited to launch these new toy brick colour sorting labels!

Sorting by colour is a great way to store toy bricks and building blocks. And now you can have beautiful wooden labels for organising them!

Made to suit popular brands

I’ve avoided calling them Lego labels both due to trademark issues and the fact that they are suitable for pretty much any brand of building blocks and bricks including Lego, MegaBloks, Duplo, and more.

They’re designed to stick on and complement storage containers like the popular Ikea Trofast tubs and similar. But I can always make yours with ribbons to tie on to baskets if you prefer. When you order, just chose whether you want no ribbon hole, or ribbon hole with black ribbon cord or white ribbon cord.

I recommend using double sided adhesive dots to stick them to the containers. I’m using a generic brand of clear sticky dots from Bunnings for mine.

Hand painted labels

The set includes 12 different colours, each one hand-painted in acrylic paint with a matte finish.

Each label requires two coats of paint and some of the sections are very small so can be a bit fiddly. So it takes time, but I also find it kind of relaxing.

You know I love to be organised, and painting is one of my happy places, so I guess it wasn’t going to be long before I’d combine the two!

I considered including an unpainted one as well, in case people have lots of clear pieces they’d like to keep separate. I also wondered about making one with an image of a brick person or animal for all the mini-figures, Lego/Megablok people and animals. But in the end decided that keeping it simple with a nice round number of a dozen labels in the set might be best. What do you think though? Should I add those as extra add-on options? Let me know in the comments below.

Made to order

Each set will be made to order so will need a week or so to be created before shipping.

You can see more pictures and view the new set in full here.

I’ve included lots of photos on the toy brick labels page so you can see how the colours compare with the different shades in different Lego sets (and others), as well as the size. My primary-aged kid quite enjoyed helping me setting up little monochrome vignettes for each colour, searching through our Lego, Duplo, Megabloks and the generic set that someone found in a discount pharmacy gift section. What type of toy building bricks do you have at your place?


The new set of toy brick colour sorting labels (aka Lego storage labels) are now available in my shop! You can order your set here