Red poppy pattern round-up


With ANZAC Day coming up I thought it’s a good time to take a look at red poppy crochet patterns.

I know they’re probably more appropriate for Remembrance Day but since there won’t be any public dawn services or veterans marches this April 25th, this might be a small way we can still honour the service of our Defence Forces personnel from the safety of our homes. (Our homes which are safe because of their service and sacrifice).

I’ve seen a few posts on social media urging Aussies to still mark Anzac Day this year while observing social distancing. Here in Tassie, the RSL and State Government have letter-dropped a leaflet outlining the different ways we can commemorate at home, including watching/listening to the broadcasts of official ceremonies which will be taking place privately, and participating in ‘Light up the Dawn’ at 6am, where residents are encouraged to honour veterans by standing on our front porch, together as communities but safely distanced from our neighbours.

Perhaps you could crochet a red poppy to wear this Saturday morning if you’re joining the minute’s silence in your driveway? Or if you have time to make a few more, create a wreath to hang on your front door?

There are quite a few patterns out there to choose from, depending on your preferences for style and difficulty-level, although most look suitable for beginners. All of them should take very little time and yarn, making it a quick small project.

I’ve collated 7 free red poppy crochet patterns that I like the look of, on my crochet flowers Pinterest board here.

There are a couple of very simple straightforward patterns; one with extra detail of sewn stamen and a crochet leaf; some with a button at the centre; a design with the petals in a swirl formation; and another with ruffled edges.

I made the one pictured above using one of the simpler patterns but I used a hook slightly larger than the size specified. The details are:
Pattern: Spin A Yarn Crochet
Yarn: 4 Seasons Stallion 8ply, red
Hook: 3.5mm

Click through to see if any take your fancy, and make sure to follow me on Pinterest while you’re there.

If you do make any red poppies, I’d love to see what you do with them. You can post a photo below or let me know in the comments which pattern you’ll use and how.

This Saturday I’ll be thinking of those who risk their lives for our safety, and know very well what it’s like to be separated from loved ones for months at a time.

Do you have a friend or family member serving?

iso crafting for Anzac Day. Make your own crochet red poppy with these free patterns.
crochet red poppy 7 free patterns
crochet red poppy pattern round-up