I’m pretty excited to let you know about some new things happening at Little Button Blue!

As well as putting together patterns for my crochet dolls, I’ve been working for a while on another project altogether, and now I’m ready to announce the launch of a completely new product…

Beautifully designed wooden labels for organising your home

Introducing beautifully designed scandi-style wooden labels for organizing your home and calming the chaos that is life with little people!

I’ve been dreaming of making and selling these wooden labels for ages and am so excited to finally be able to show them to you. I love their round shape (because who doesn’t love a circle motif?) and the gorgeous pictures created by my amazingly talented friend, graphic designer and illustrator Becski Design.

I have plans for a bunch of different uses for these but the initial sets to be launched are labels for organising toy storage. Each wood circle has been lasercut from FSC certified wood, with a simple (and super cute!) image and lettering to show which category of toy belongs in that container.

They’re designed to be unisex and are neutral coloured to suit any décor.

Initially they’ll be available with ribbon cord to tie onto your toy basket/boxes but I’m working on making them available with stick-on and clip-on options as well so you can use them on plastic or fabric boxes, baskets, tubs, and painted or laminated drawers – options to suit every storage need.


Toy storage labels now. What next?

If the toy labels are a success, I hope to launch sets for baby nursery and children’s clothing in the future too (UPDATE: nursery labels are now available here!), and perhaps further down the track more detailed sets for organizing certain types of toys that have sub-categories (like Lego & craft supplies).

I also have plans for a range of other wooden products in a similar Scandi style to help make family life that little bit easier, which I can’t wait to get started on!

In the meantime, you can see the new toy storage label sets in more detail here and the nursery set here.

Or you can order your own set from my shop here.


So you might be wondering why I’m launching products that have nothing to do with crochet?

Little Button Blue was created to sell my handmade crochet dolls and eventually patterns for them too. I chose a name that didn’t limit the business to crochet toys because I wanted to be able to use it for other items too, like the hand painted Christmas cards I created last year, and potentially other products … like wooden storage labels and others in planning.

I’ll still be doing the crochet thing, and can’t wait to get my first doll patterns finished and launch those too! Plus continue to develop the crochet blogging and other content about all things amigurumi. So this new step into a different style of product is not a move away from crochet, but an extra side of my little business that I’m hoping to grow in addition to creating gorgeous crochet loveys, which I’ll continue to do also.

But I’ve been working on these wooden labels for a while now and have plans to develop a whole range of products in a similar Scandi style to help organise different areas of family life.

Why wooden labels?

The idea began not long after my little person was born and friends commented on the hand drawn labels I’d created to organise our nursery. I didn’t want to have to go looking for items when I needed them but to find things easily.

I also didn’t want the burden of being the only one to know where things were. I wanted my husband also to know where everything belonged and not have to try and remember systems created and stored only in my head. I didn’t want him to have to constantly ask me where to find what he needed. I also wanted Little Miss to be empowered to find and put away her own things as she grew old enough to do so.

So I created picture labels for the baskets we used to store Little Miss’ clothes. Each basket was labelled so both her parents (and any other caregivers) could instantly access items with ease, and her too as she grew old enough to dress herself and help put away clothing.

I created a similar system for her toys, with baskets of like items clearly identified. Little Miss was empowered knowing where her things belonged. She could find her own toys when she wanted them and help put them away at the end of play.

The plans I have for future products are inspired by the everyday challenges of busy families and ideas to hopefully make things a little bit easier. To calm the chaos. I look forward to sharing new products with you as they become ready.


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